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The Chuck Colson Center – Washington, DC

The Chuck Colson Center – Washington, DC

Alan B. Terwilleger, President

For more than three decades, Alan Terwilleger has provided leadership to a variety of Christian nonprofits. A longtime confidante of the late Chuck Colson, Terwilleger today serves as president of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, guiding the organization in its mission to create and educate cultural ambassadors who apply their faith in all areas of life.

During his tenure at the Colson Center, Terwilleger has been a catalyst behind the launch of ecumenical grassroots movements that explore fundamental ethical principles and tackle moral issues of great concern. These movements include Doing the Right Thing, Breaking the Spiral of Silence, and, most notably, the Manhattan Declaration,

As Colson Center president, Terwilleger provides leadership to the Centurions Program, an intensive, 9-month worldview-training program that has commissioned more than 800 Christian leaders from around the globe. Terwilleger also oversees delivery of the Colson Center’s BreakPoint radio commentary, aired on some 1,400 outlets with an estimated audience potential of 8 million listeners. Under Terwilleger’s leadership, a new 30-minute, interview-format program called BreakPoint This Week was added to address some of the day’s most pressing cultural issues. Guests on the show have included Jack Abramoff, former President Jimmy Carter, and Tim Keller.

Prior to joining the Colson Center, Terwilleger led the advancement initiatives at Prison Fellowship as Sr. Vice President. He also served fifteen years in fund-raising leadership at Moody Bible Institute and worked with The Domain Group as a consultant to Christian nonprofit organizations across the U.S.

He is a Cedarville University graduate with a degree in Business and minor in Bible.

Terwilleger serves on the Board of the American Leprosy Mission, is past chairman of the board and has served as a trustee of The Leprosy Mission International, located in London. He.and his wife, Carroll, live in Round Hill, Virginia.

Ministry Insights – Scottsdale, Arizona

Ministry Insights – Scottsdale, Arizona

Rodney Cox - Founder and President

Rodney Cox, one of the country’s emerging leaders in the strengths movement, is the author of such titles as Leading From Your Strengths(three-book series), Love and Money, Different By Design, The Discovery Kitand Incredible Creatures Adventure Kit (DVD Series), which have touched more than 325,000 church leaders, teams, couples and children worldwide.

He founded Ministry Insights International in 2001 to bring personality assessment tools to the Christian market.

As a thriving manager for a major national tools supplier during the 1980s and 1990s, Rodney observed personality differences in his distributors who succeeded and those who did not. A friend who worked as a consultant introduced him to the use of behavioral assessments as a means to better screen potential franchise owners. Soon, Rodney moved into full-time consulting, working with employers to hire and retain employees based on their strengths. He routinely used world-class behavioral assessments developed by Target Training International (TTI) with his clients to achieve excellent results.

A special partnership led Rodney and TTI to develop an advanced internet delivery system for their assessments, which was patented in 2001. Rodney felt called to apply what he’d learned in the strengths-based movement to serve Christians, noting devastation among churches with conflict, personality decisions, and hiring decisions gone awry in the local church. The patented profiling system, used so successfully for millions in the worldwide business community, is the foundation for what would become Ministry Insights’ strengths-based profiles.

Rodney re-purposed the profiles for the Christian community and today leverages them to build unity in the church, ministries, Christian marriages, and families. Ministry Insights’ first and core profile, Leading From Your Strengths(LFYS), was introduced in 2001. Soon, the ministry developed additional profiles, books, trainings, and resources to help Christian organizations and individuals build strong leaders, teams, marriages, and families.

Today, Rodney serves as president of Ministry Insights. A prominent, gregarious speaker and a man after God’s own heart, Rodney is universally characterized by friends, colleagues, and clients as one of the most insightful men in the strengths movement. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have been married since 1984 and live in Scottsdale, AZ. They have two married daughters.

Pinnacle Forum – Phoenix, Arizona

Pinnacle Forum – Phoenix, Arizona

Guy Rodgers, President & CEO

The professional career of Guy Rodgers has spanned the education, small business, political and non-profit sectors. He has co-owned a small retail business, been a public high school teacher and adjunct professor at the graduate level, Vice President of a polling company, and founded two political consulting and strategy firms.  His nearly 60 clients included four presidential campaigns, several Members of Congress, and a state Attorney General.  In executive leadership roles with state and national non-profit organizations he has helped build highly successful grassroots networks comprising thousands of chapters, addressing issues ranging from protecting the family and religious liberty to combating the threat of radical Islam.  In 1998 he was named a “Rising Star” by Campaigns and Elections magazine.

A graduate of the highly regarded Buckley School of Public Speaking, Rodgers has appeared on hundreds of TV and radio  news and talk programs. He has been a presenter at business, non-profit, educational and political conferences and training seminars in 47 states; preached and taught in non-denominational churches and churches representing nearly a dozen denominations; and has been a featured speaker at conferences training Christian political leaders from Latin America.

He has been listed in three “Who’s Who” organizations, including the National Register’s Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals.  He and his wife Beth were married in 1977 and have two grown children and one granddaughter.

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