Community Leaders

As a leader in your community, you probably see firsthand the areas of pain, the duplication of efforts, and the overlooked areas of need all around you.

We have seen these challenges as well, and we believe we have the solution your community desperately needs:

There are people sitting on the sidelines, not using the gifts and talents they have to influence their families, their neighborhood, or communities. But they desire to make a difference, and that is where we can help.

We have seen individuals and entire communities transformed when these three elements are in place:

  1. People have a clear, biblical worldview
  2. They understand their gifts, talents, and passion as it relates to God’s call on their lives
  3. They have a clear path to engagement – a place to serve and love others.

You can be an instrument of change in your community, influencing those in your circle of influence. Start here:

Bring together a small group of other community leaders from different areas of your community. Include city government leaders, social workers, educators, pastors, business owners.

Pray together, and seek a spirit of unity, as you find common ground in your passion for your community to flourish.

Commit, as a group to receive biblical worldview training. Our team is prepared to lead you through “The Truth Project”, 12 DVD sessions taught by Dr. Del Tackett.

Follow this training with “The 210 Project”, a 6 week study to help your group determine their gifts, passion, and calling.

Map your city to determine the areas of service that are duplicated, and also services that are lacking. Set goals and objectives to address the areas of pain.

Encourage each member of your newly formed coalition to train others as they have been trained, and begin to connect those trained to opportunities of service.

Our “Meet the Need” link is a great place to engage.

Remember, the more people in your community who have a clear worldview, a clear call, and a clear path to engagement, the greater impact that can be made. Will you be the one who starts this proven movement in your neighborhood? Let us help you on this amazing journey!

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Donate to the Work of Alliance Ministries

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