We know that if people have a clear worldview, a clear call from God, and a clear path to engagement, there is no end to what God might do through that one ordinary person, fully surrendered to His will. The journey to engagement is different for every believer but the key foundational elements are the same.

The Process Starts Here

  1.  A clear, biblical worldview – This is the first step on your journey.  Dr. Del Tackett’s The Truth Project” is a 12 week DVD study of biblical worldview in every sphere of life. We highly recommend this study for small groups, and encourage you to participate in an existing study, or gather a few friends to start your own.
  2. A clear call from God – Once you have been equipped with a biblical worldview, you will be ready to determine what God has uniquely called you to accomplish during your lifetime. This is an exciting discovery that answers one of the most often asked questions, “What is my purpose?”  We encourage you to take time for yourself, or with a few friends to go through the book and interactive process, The 210 Project.  The process will uncover your strengths, spiritual gifts and passions, and lead you through a review of past life experiences that help to reveal God’s path for you.
  3. A clear path of engagement – Now that you have identified your gifts, passion, and calling from God, it is time to engage.  Does your church provide opportunities to serve your community? If so, start by considering those opportunities.   If not, search through the needs in your area posted on this site.  Perhaps through the 210 processes you have recognized opportunities in your vocation to fulfill your calling, or you may have realized that your vocation is not at all what God would have you do.  Pray that God would give you wisdom and discernment in your vocational choice.  Visit our site often as we will be developing pages to better engage you right where you are.
  4. Cover all you do in prayer.  We are talking about God’s calling on your life, so it is obviously vital for you to stay in close, intimate fellowship with the Father. He is not trying to hide His purpose for your life from you.  He delights in you knowing your purpose, and living your life for His honor and glory.
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