Larry McAdoo – Jackson, Mississippi

Larry McAdoo – Jackson, Mississippi

Larry McAdoo – Jackson, Mississippi

Community Coordinators


The Alliance team has built a close working relationship with our brothers and sisters in Jackson, MS. Following a series of one-on-one meetings to determine where God is already working in the city, and how our team might best serve Jackson to help address unresolved areas of pain.

Governor Phil Bryant hosted a community meeting in December of 2012, bringing together community leaders interested in working together for positive change in Jackson. Since that time, a number of leaders stepped forward to form a coalition resolved to mobilize the body of Christ, to work in unity to address unmet needs in the city. Larry McAdoo serves as the coalition leader.

Overview and Goals

Currently the coalition members are growing relationships with one another, meeting regularly for business and fellowship. The goal is to grow the coalition with a diverse group of leaders from across Jackson.

The coalition has identified an area of Jackson that will be the focus of activity and effort. This area is being mapped to determine where services overlap, and where services are lacking. The map will help in setting goals and objectives that will be meaningful, and long lasting. Alliance will train the coalition throughout this process.

Next Steps

Even as the mapping process continues, the Alliance team will offer the 210 Project leadership training to members of the coalition.  We believe that when training is multiplied, a volunteer force will arise to meet the needs in the community.   Neal Vinson will lead the training in Jackson once individuals in the coalition have personally completed the process.  More details to come!

How People Can Get Involved

No matter the sphere in which you work, if you are a community leader, Larry would like to invite you to be a part of this exciting coalition. God is at work, and you will have opportunity to be included on the ground floor of this great adventure in Jackson.

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